MMeM, S17E10 – Work vehicles

Saw this the other day and immediately found it hilarious. Yeah, I know it’s probably just me. For days now I’ve been contemplating this from time to time. I’ll think about the needs of everyone who works to have lunch, sometimes out at other locations.

Not everyone brings sack lunches to work every day. Moreover, not everyone leaves work for lunch, picks up something and takes it back to their place of employment to consume it in their respective break room, cafeteria, or at their workstation.

Consequently, working folk will from time to time go out to lunch. The question I have is when does it become an inherent issue for the establishment one chooses to frequent because of your profession.

Here we have a Mexican cuisine restaurant. Apparently, at least that is everyone’s hope, an exterminator has decided to eat at said restaurant for lunch today.

Again, everyone inside is watching and searching fellow diners intently for an exterminator eating lunch. And let’s be fair, exterminators gotta eat too! In fact, they help make it so we can go places and back home too.


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