MMeM, S19E1 – Wrap Rage

Is it just me or does everyone get purchase regret when they try to open something up? Whether you buy something in a brick-and-mortar store on via online, the packaging for shipping or security measures is beating me down.

Take medicine for example, look that Tylenol poisoner back in the 80’s had no idea the retail fail they were about to unleash on society forever more. If you get medicines OTC or in mail order the process to get to said medication is a beating. First you have to open the outer box, then you twist open the child-safe bottle, but no, you’re not done. Not even close.

Next you have to attempt to peel off the sealed opening to then get at the giant cotton mass sitting on top of you meds. This seal is impossible to peel off cleanly. For some who have OCD in their head, this is infuriating. The time we spend perfecting our medicine bottle opening processes is taking up way too much of our consciousness.

Next, what about products, just products? The thick plastic “containers” are dangerous and even if one stops, gets up and goes gets some scissors, there is no uniform or safe way to cut at the packaging. What’s more when you cut into the plastic is now becomes lethally sharp and more dangerous than the knife or scissors used to pierce this hermetically display case.

When or if a retailer or shipper comes up with safe to open packaging I’m there. They have me forever.


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