MMeM, S18E1 – LVIV

I realize I’ve been away for some time. Life. You know what I mean. Let’s see, what have I missed;

  • COVID-19 pandemic still around
    • Largest population in the world still has under 25K deaths. Good for them!
  • War. Ukraine, used to be part of the Soviet Union and now the Russians, err Putin, wants it back.
  • That’s enough for now.

On this war, it’s terrible for all of the reasons we can and don’t agree on. For us GenXers, Boomers, and Greatest Gen types, you say the word war with Russia and we all go back to the days of nuclear holocaust threats looming over our heads. Hopefully, and for now it seems like, cooler heads will prevail.

In the meantime, as we all learn our Ukraine geography and flags I keep getting stopped down on one small detail. Ok, two actually.

When Ukraine became a sovereign country they must have changed the name of the capitol from Kiev to Kyiv? Who knew? Also, Ukraine has a blue and yellow flag that I don’t ever recall being featured on Sheldon’s Fun With Flags.

LVIV is a city in Ukraine. I keep seeing the word LVIV and I immediately think it’s a Superbowl number. I know it’s not Roman-Numeral correct, but it looks like they are talking about Superbowl LVIV. Superbowl 59 sounds a bit better than war, attacks, missiles, and bombs being dropped on LVIV, Kyiv, and Ukraine proper.

And with that, I’m spent. But, I hope to be back sooner rather than later.


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