MMeM, S17E9 – Plastic sealed…

MMeM, S17E9 – Plastic sealed…

…for your safety. I’m sure it’s just me. Every time I open a new container that is wrapped in cellophane, I fail. Oh sure, it’s all perforated for a perfect, simple, clean opening process, but no! I am incapable of opening a new package of anything with safety seals on it.  

The problem is I am left with a naked container of who knows what. For example, I like Chapstick. Let me re-phrase that, I need Chapstick. It is one the things I need to get through the day. But, whenever I am faced with the daunting challenge of starting a tube of Chapstick, I know I will be left with a white, naked, unidentifiable tube of lip balm for which I will never know what it contains until it touches my dry lips. I prefer mint flavored. However, I never know what I am getting anymore because I cannot master the safety seals without tearing them like a low land gorilla so that the entire wrapper comes off. 

Damn you Tylenol tamper person from the ’80’s! Grrrr! It is all your fault. That is really the only known instance of product tampering ever recorded. Now, every stinking thing for sale is shrink wrapped like it’s ready to survive a nuclear holocaust, a shipping accident to the bottom of the sea, or a hurricane.  

I know the manufacturers think they have gone the extra mile with the carefully perforated lines marked “open here”, but they do not work! I hate this so much.  

Again, I know it’s small, but it’s one of ‘the little things.’ 



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