MMeM, S17E8 – Masks

MMeM, S17E8 – Masks

Look, I like wearing masks. Now, everywhere I go businesses have signs that say you don’t have to wear masks IF you are vaccinated. I am. Vaccinated that is. However, I still choose to wear a mask. So, that implies to others that I’m some “anti-vaxer” which I am most certainly NOT.

I got my first Moderna vaccine back in December of 2020 and then my 2nd 5 weeks later I think it was. I work for a health system and so I was lucky that way.

Why do I still choose to wear a mask? My reasons are many. First, while I believe the vaccines are effective and fantastic we can never be too sure with this virus and the variants that keep popping up. Secondly, and most importantly, I like wearing mask because some days I just don’t feel like shaving dammit. There I said it. Plus, I don’t have to force mouth expressions every damn time I pass a person or persons in day to day life. It’s like, “Yeah, I’m smiling or so you think I’m smiling behind my mask” for me. I don’t have to worry if I have something stuck in my teeth from the lunch or breakfast I inhaled minutes before passing my boss in the hallway or attending the next meeting. It’s glorious!

I wear a badge at work that has a sticker proving I am vaccinated, but people out in the wild probably don’t see that well enough so I’ll continue to take hits on their judgement. So be it. Don’t care.

Mask me.


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