MMeM, S17E7 – THIS is not NEWS, or YOU decide

Have you noticed that the two enormous news outlets in this country have just thrown all attempts at being nonpartisan and fair and balanced out the window? It’s not even implied anymore on which side of the aisle each network firmly stands.

What’s more, do you ever remember networks actively reporting on each other?  It’s a common daily event for these two now. Go to each “news” site, duck and weave the bombardment of ads and “partner” stories to see the blatant reporting on the other.

I’m an “old” Gen X-er and back “in the day” an NBC, CBS, or ABC would never mention the other, unless someone died. Maybe. Not even crazy Uncle FOX when he came to dinner talked about anyone out of turn.

Moreover, for a news organization to take political sides was the biggest no-no of them all. The way it is today, Fox News and CNN should just get it over with and swap primary colors.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to see a Red Fox News logo and a Blue CNN one?

Jus’ sayin’.


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