MMeM, S17E3 – 3V vs. 5G

How many YEARS did we hear about 5G? It went on and on for what felt like a decade!

“It will be 20X faster than 4GLTE”, they said. “You’ll be able to download a 2-hour HD movie in 20 seconds!” Everyone anxiously waited for the roll out of 5G by carrier, by region, by state, by type, by city, wait back up one… There’s types of 5G?

WTF? No bother, back to waiting. Wringing our hands, timing the next phone upgrade or purchase. “Does this one need to be 5G capable?”

Meanwhile, in a land where chips that enabled said 5G phones were manufactured, a deadly virus breaks out in November 2019. By the new year a worldwide pandemic is growing. By March 2020, that’s 5 months from the known virus inception, there are 3Vaccines being produced and moving through testing in 3 parallel stage levels. Shots begin in November 2020. Normally, vaccines take 8-10 years.

5G and telecommunications, you got pwned as the internets say.



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