MMeM, S17E2 – COVID-19

Look, here’s the deal. I’ve been quiet for the past year as I previously stated. In that time and during this pandemic, I’ve researched, read, and pontificated about COVID-19 a great deal like everyone else I’m sure.

In short, I’ll get right to my point. Statistically speaking, the likelihood that this virus first appeared in humans in a city that also happened to have a virology institute for a country of more than a billion people was enough for me in the very beginning. It was man-made and I’m sure it was an accidental leak. I can’t even fathom what kind of a fallout that would bring in the world if it were ever proven, but we don’t need to worry about that because I don’t think it will ever be proven. Err accepted.

However, my point is this. I always hoped and prayed this was a man-made virus that accidentally got out. Then, while we always talk about and hear about another pandemic and yes, there will be others, maybe they’ll be of natural origin that haven’t been weaponized to be transmitted so effectively? Not saying there’s “good pandemics” and “bad pandemics”, but given a choice, I’ll take ones that weren’t engineered in labs for maximum infection capability. Just sayin’.

I’ve been waiting for any news article or even a rogue scientist to pop-up and say something. I had NO hope in the WHO trip and non-vestigation. As I stated above, the simple facts from the very beginning were just too statistically significant to be RANDOM or COINCIDENTAL.

This report was published in the New York Post on this past Sunday June 6, 2021. It’s a great explanation and I feel a huge sigh of relief. Not because they’ll be some huge reparation or global trial and judgement of a guilty party, no. I have a sense of relief in at least knowing that this pandemic wasn’t an indication of the natural pandemics that are sure to come.

In the meantime, maybe MAN can keep it’s gene-tinkering dingus in its pants, so-to-speak. Millions died. 3,740,116 as of the time of this post.


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