MMeM, S15E31 – My Density

MMeM, S15E31 –  My Density
…what I already know about…


ne of things about myself that never ceases to amaze me, is just how dense I am. People often wonder why I am so self-deprecating. Simple answer, the content is never-ending.

I take quite a bit of medicines. No, none of it is good or happy meds that anyone would want or desire. Nonetheless, I have to take it throughout the day and am told by providers to distribute said medications accordingly. Subsequently, I have been using a pill-minder for years. Not just “A” pill-minder, rather I’m probably on my 3rd one by now. At any rate, once a week it’s time to re-fill this tackle box with my stock of medications.

Invariably, my big fat sausage link fingers, thanks father, have difficulty dropping the correct pills into the correct time of day slots. I cannot recall how many times I have accidentally dropped a pill into the wrong day or time. For YEARS, I have struggled with my giant fingers to fish out the incorrect pill. I’d have to wet a fingertip or get up and go find tweezers to retrieve the rogue medicine.

Then, after at least 18 years of this I FINALLY had a revelation. Yes, it took that long, see what I deal with on a daily basis? Somehow, someway, the other day when I had a pill fall into the wrong slot it finally dawned on my small, barely able to function male-brain, that I could remove the DAY and turn it over with the needed time slot opened to retrieve the wrong pill.

Why did this take me so long? I got this type of pill-minder years ago so I could take a day at at time to work with me. What is wrong with me? Don’t answer that.

This is why I don’t bother with taking those online IQ tests. I don’t need any more confirmation of what I already know about myself.


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