MMeM, Vol. 4 Issue 6 – Bathroom Humor, part 1

“God help me if that hook ever were to break off!”

Does anyone know why this is the case?

I’m sure that there is a good reason, but I don’t know what it is. Why do bathroom stall doors open inward?

I mean you already have to navigate public restrooms like you’re walking through a biohazard facility which is actively incubating the latest and greatest version of the avian bird flu virus.

So why do you have to straddle the toilet upon leaving the stall? I mean when the stall door opens there are moments were you have like inches between the edge of the door and the edge of the toilet.

I noticed the other day that I use that hook on the inside as a rock climber. I grab that hook and lean backward while I pull the stupid door inward toward me. God help me if that hook ever were to break off!

Can’t it just open outwardly like the handicapped stall does?

The handicapped stall proves that it can be done. Bathroom stall doors CAN open outwardly, so why don’t they all?

Near as I can tell, here is the only reason for having inward opening bathroom stall doors, and here it is:

You know how in some movies a killer is chasing someone and the person trying to get away runs into the bathroom? What do they always do? The person hiding crouches on top of one of the toilets in the bathroom with the stall door closed. The killer then methodically and slowly kicks in each stall door while looking for the person.

So, if the stall doors only open outwardly, the killer would look ridiculous trying to kick it in.

There we have it. That is the only reason to have inward opening bathroom stall doors. Otherwise, movies would seem silly.

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