MMeM, Vol. 4 Issue 9 – Priceless

I got your Priceless campaign right here.

A person could spend their whole life looking for a better local store advertisement. You know the types, a church with a witty pastor or a small family owned business that posts funny sayings and words on their sign.

Well, all I can say is that the Rock Shop has hit the proverbial home run with this one.

Move over MasterCard. I got your Priceless campaign right here.


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2 Comments on “MMeM, Vol. 4 Issue 9 – Priceless

  1. LOVE IT. Now…I want you to write an entry about those little businesses that just think it’s the cutest thing to put their kids on the radio or in a tv commercial. It takes time to understand what the hell they are saying, and in turn, destroying the hundreds of dollars they just spent on ad placement. You know the ones… “grandma loves you!”