MMeM, S16E14 – Coffee

MMeM, S16E14 – Coffee
…long line of hard -headed ness.

A couple of years ago, I quit drinking diet soda. This was a HUGE lifestyle change for me. At the time, I considered myself a Diet Coke Distillery. I thought any liquid to be part of “getting proper hydration”. Yes, I have since learned, realized, and felt the difference. It only took the better part of my life, but I come from a long line of hard-headedness.

I digress. One of the reasons for my previous addiction to diet sodas, was caffeine. I make no bones about that and have other reasons and needs for the still legal stimulant. I do limit myself on this by time of day consumption, but I now visit a popular “fast food” drive-thru for large black coffees only.

During this pandemic, I have been frequenting this certain fast food vendor, who happens to have many locations in our fair burgh, quite a bit. I used to get my liquid stimulant delivery system via my work’s cafeteria. But alas, I’ve been sent to work from home for the past 2 1/2 months.

I noticed at my closest franchise, that this molten crack price was $1.10. That was only a penny more than at work where I usually donated that penny to the take-a-penny leave-a-penny dish anyway. So, it was a wash! However, I happened to drive through another franchise a week or two ago, made my usual order for 1 large black coffee, and the price was $1.96. Being the Beta Male I am, I said nothing, paid, and drove off thinking I must have been misunderstood in the speaker-phone ordering / merging lane drive-thru protocol system. The coffee did taste the same so I was perplexed.

Today, I frequented the franchise I thought was in question for pricing and slowly, clearly, placed my same order. BAM! Yes, their price for the same order as the franchise nearest to me, 1/2 mile closer, was $1.96!

How can this be? Well, it just can. They can charge whatever the hell they want for a large coffee knowing most of this high-toned coffee culture today won’t bat an eye. AH-HAH! But I will NEVER swerve to that franchise again. No sir-ree. I will save my $.86 and be multiple large coffees ahead in NO TIME!

It’s the little things. Or in this case, it’s the nearly 1 DOLLAR things too!


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