MMeM, S15E34 – Flushed X 2

MMeM, S15E34 – Flushed X 2
…I felt the need to…

Unintended consequences, they happen in life. I’ve glanced at toilets from time to time in public and noticed that some have a green or blue handle. I never took a second to learn why or what they were for exactly. The other day at work, I was in a lavatory where one of these toilets had a lever that was green and I noticed there was a small sign above the toilet.

For some reason, I took the time, albeit 10 FULL seconds, to READ said sign. It explained that raising the lever used less water for the flush and was intended to be used for Liquid Waste only. Pushing the lever down would implement a full water flush for well, Solid Waste. The purpose of this lever is to conserve water. Brilliant! This is a fantastic piece of plumbing don’t you agree? It helps to save our planet’s most valuable resource and combat the unnecessary waste, so-to-speak.

As I stood there and finished my thoughts and business, I gazed upon the sign, the lever, and back to the sign.

Unfortunately, I then felt the need to do something that I would never do had I been in a restroom with a normal lever and no little sign.

Yeah, I then pushed the lever down to witness the difference between the flushes. Why? Why did I feel the need to “test” this to witness the difference between the flushes? What is wrong with me? Subsequently, this lever and its sign did more harm than good because of my infantile curiosity. Let’s review, an environmentally friendly water saving toilet flushing feature was implemented and rather than being used for one flush as intended it was flushed twice for no reason other than to satisfy the curiosity of the primate operating it.

Now, I can rest assured that the next time I run into another one of these toilets I won’t be tempted to test flush the different types of lever actions, i.e. Up vs. Down. However, this is why we have and are actively looking for another planet to live on in the near future.


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