MMeM, Vol. 15 Issue 28 – Repurposing

MMeM, Vol. 15 Issue 28 – Repurposing
Talk about RE- pur posing!


erhaps you’ve noticed, like I have, that things are changing. Stores close, times change. It happens, and there’s really nothing anyone can do about it, but accept it and adapt. I went to Missouri the other weekend and when I crossed the Mississippi into a town I’d been to a hundred times, I noticed something I’d never seen.

The first gas station on the MO side was no longer in business. Interesting I thought as sure, Teslas and other alternative modes of transportation are coming, but this was a bit hasty. Anyway, the station that I think used to be there was an Ayerco. But, what REALLY caught my eye was what now occupied the former gas station-convenience store.

Yup, that’s right Louisiana, Missouri’s CHAMBER OF COMMERCE!

Wait, what?

Driving a while later I thought, “I guess greeting entrants into the city fresh off the bridge first thing is taking the early bird gets the worm approach?”

Talk about “Re-purposing!”


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