MMeM, Vol. 15 Issue 20 – Yuck?

MMeM, Vol. 15 Issue 20 –  Yuck?
What is wrong with me?


e as a society have been in the business of picking up our dogs’ feces for a while now. It’s funny when you stop and think back to a time when such an activity wasn’t even considered as something to do. Now, it’s completely flipped into the most egregious thing you can do as a pet owner if you don’t.

The other day I was once again dutifully picking up my dog’s latest movement from our neighbor’s very nice new perfect lawn when I noticed another rogue #2 about 5 feet from my dog’s. This excrement looked to be about 1-2 days old and probably came from another breed of canine. Anyway, I hadn’t yet tied my dog’s bathroom bag up and thought, “Well, I’m here I’ll go ahead and grab that one, err #2, too”.

As I stepped toward it and carefully scooped it into my dog’s hell bag I had an awful, yucky feeling. It was like I was touching something I shouldn’t or something that wasn’t mine. It felt very gross and foreign. Why was I having this feeling about anonymous dog poop?

Have I subliminally developed an acceptance to my own dog’s feces but want nothing to do some stranger’s dog feces? What is wrong with me? What is happening?

Well, I fought through it and added the very toxic, unknown, God only knows where the hell it came from into my dog’s bag. I tied it up tighter than ever and hauled ass to the trash can. Done.


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