MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 47 – Life of the dog


…put on a sad face and look look deprived with the worst of them.

The dog might be trying to tell me something, what do you think?

Now, it’s not like she doesn’t get to go outside but when it rains well, then I take her out on a leash to lessen the muddy paw prints upon returning into the house. I mean come ON! I can put on a sad face and look deprived with the worst of them but this is ridiculous!


You can almost hear the sad SAD song playing in her brain as she stairs out the sliding glass door into the backyard, err mudpit swamp land.

Here’s what Nala has to be day-dreaming about right now:

MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 43 – Humiliating

It’s not even a real bone.


can’t believe the crap they have me doing. Not to mention this stupid hat they have on my head right now.

Ri-dic-u-lous. Thanks for making me look like a crazy one of you.

Owners. They exhaust me.












This sucks.












Isn’t there a remote control around here that I can destroy?

MMeM, Vol.8 Issue 18 – This sucks. Woof!

I just saw another squirrel run across the deck.

After a day of Dog Destruction, all a canine wants to do is get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Plus, I’ve got some neighborhood hounds to bark the hell out of at this afternoon too.

But, we got a little rain. “Oh no, don’t let the dog outside by herself”, says my owner. Yeah, God forbid I might track in 1/2 as much dirt as they do while they wear their fake outside feet though the whole house.

And, let’s block my view of the backyard too while we’re at it! I mean come on! What is wrong with these people. I AM A DOG. I’m SOOOoooo sorry about the phone I ate the other day but it smelled just like the chicken nuggets owner was eating too. Pffft!

There! I just saw another squirrel run across the deck! Dammit. I would have had that little long tailed rat too. But NOoooOOOO, I’m stuck in jail. Stupid humans.

Oh hell with this, my legs are KILLING me. I’m just gonna go watch some TV.