MMeM, Vol. 8 Issue 12

…once you see or learn of something unique, you can never unlearn it.

Exactly what was the intended image they were going for here? Ok, these are paper towel dispensers in a bathroom at work. Oh they were quite the welcomed addition when news of their arrival circulated throughout the bowels (very subtle bathroom humor intended there) of the building.

These paper towel dispensers were supposedly hands free where you just place your hands under them and the paper towel is dispensed automatically. That’s the concept anyway.

Unfortunately, they seem to run out of life or paper pretty quickly and for those of us who actually do wash our hands, we’re often left to use the spare roll placed on the wet sink counter and handled with wet hands from user to user. But back to my original question.

The image clearly looks like a 10 gallon cowboy hat to me. If not that, if the halo around the toaster was supposed to depict a motion of hands, they are nowhere near the air that comes out of these things. The downward arrow makes that point pretty clear!

I don’t know. But what I do know is that this reminds me of the 1964 quarter that is still in circulation and is worth close to $4 today. That is, once you see or learn of something unique, you can never unlearn it.

Sorry. Automatic Cowboy Hat Paper Towel Dispensers are here to stay.


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