MMeM, Vol.10 Issue 11 – That’s Impossible!

The true meaning of the movie title…

Watched the movie “The Impossible” the other day. That’s the one with Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts about the tsunami that hit Thailand back in 2004.

So, this was a really good movie about a family who survived the tsunami that we all heard about and were able to finally find each other, all 5 of them, by the movie’s end. This was a true story and a very heart-wrenching movie.

At one point after the devastation from the tsunami, the mother played by Naomi Watts, was in the hospital awaiting her next surgery and the outlook for her was not that great. She had spent the time after the tsunami with her oldest son, 12-year-old “Lucas”. Lucas was visiting with her in the hospital and was going to leave to go look for his dad and two little brothers.


As he leaves his mom in the hospital, he pulls the curtain around her bed making it impossible for her husband to see her while he was out looking for her by checking with police and scouring hospitals. This brings me to the true meaning of the movie title, “The Impossible”.

The impossible thing about this tale was that a 12 year boy would pull a room separating drape CLOSED without being asked to do so. I mean, I know 17, 21, and 22 year olds that don’t CLOSE DOORS!

MMeM, Vol. 8 Issue 13 – I knew that sounded familiar

…”ARGO” was the punchline to a bad knock-knock joke.

Who ever knew that the name of this movie came from such a seemingly innocuous kitchen cooking ingredient? I especially love the way that Ben Affleck and the producers worked such a little known product name into such a huge yet little known international incident from more than 30 years ago!

Anyway, you have to wonder what a product name placement as huge as this will do for such an often overlooked kitchen corn starch product. Of course you’ve probably heard by now that “ARGO” was the punchline to a bad knock-knock joke. Yeah, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me either but I’m hoping the movie will clear some of that up.

It’s like that documentary made by Morgan Spurlock a little bit ago called “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”. Hilarious. He only shows and features items in the documentary that the companies of said products agree to sponsor for product placement fees in the documentary about product placements. Brilliant.

I guess Mr. Affleck is on his way to another couple of Oscars through much of the same approach. Ben can be like, “Hey Matt Damon how you like ‘dem Sun-Maid Growers’ apples?