MMeM, Vol. 8 Issue 24 – This can cause that?

see your doctor for an erection lasting longer than 4 hours.

How is it that television commercials for medications and prescriptions are so successful? I mean the majority of the audio of any of these is filled with every possible side effect and horrible thing that could go wrong. Oh, and if you’re not sure about anything see your doctor.

That brings me to my biggest question. I to a lot of doctors, honest I do. I take a lot of Rx medicines too. I have never had any doctor explain any drug with as much as 25% of the warnings and disclaimers that these commercials provide. I seem to recall a few years back when this type of advertising was going to be allowed but that it would be weighed down with exactly all that detail of horrible stuff. You know, things like “see your doctor for an erection lasting longer than 4 hours” and stay out of rooms with glass or crystal vases on display.

But I think that drug companies are pretty satisfied with the huge cost of this advertising because they had figured out for a long while that patients weren’t getting as much information in the doctor’s office. Put a patient in front of their TVs at home to see benefits and possible side effects and then let them go to their doctors to self market drugs to themselves. Well played Rx company, well played indeed.

Meanwhile, I end up sitting in an examination room for 43 minutes waiting for a doctor to enter staring at this poster.


Imagine the Possibilities. Exactly, Imagine the Possibilities if a Doctor actually walked into this room today. Wait, I’m sure they are talking about prescriptions and going over all of the possible side effects and things that could go wrong to their patient like those commercials.

No. No, they’re really not doing that. Just over booked again. Those lengthy conversations are for the commercials anyway.