MMeM, Vol.9 Issue 39 – 60 1st round byes

…and so advances to the next round.

Watching the NCAA tournament, of course, and I’m still struggling with the fact they are calling this game between Kansas and North Carolina the 3rd Round.

No, I can’t let it go. I’m like that.¬†Moreover, I know this is the 2nd year (or they may say 3rd) for this.


So, what this really says is that of the 64 team field in the tournament, 60 teams got 1st Round-Byes. That means 93.8% of the field got 1st Round-Byes. I don’t know for sure but when we had tournaments in High School basketball, only 1 team got a bye.

The dictionary says that a bye is;
2. Sports. The position of one who draws no opponent for a round in a tournament and so advances to the next round.

Of course, for the NCAA that definition would be altered to say;

2. Sports (NCAA). The position of sixty who draw no opponent for a round in a tournament and so advance to the next round.

MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 38 – 3rd Round, whatevs.

I don’t like and I don’t have to like it.

So, we have the First Four to blame for this. I can’t stand how the NCAA is calling games on Thursday and Friday 2nd round games. Then, of course what we used to call the 2nd round games this weekend is now being called the 3rd round.

I know that the play-in games which now total 4 or are called the First Four are the reason here. By the way, calling them the “First Four” is pretty good actually as everyone dreams about getting to the “Final Four”.


But, if they are “play-in” games then enough with moving every game in the field of 64 up a round. Dumb. I’m sorry, but it’s dumb. I don’t like it and I don’t have to like it.

MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 23 – Breakin’ Rules

Actually, so has beating Duke this year.

Believe it or not, we actually do have some rules here at Midwestern Meditations. First and foremost, we try like hell to avoid talking about Sports and Politics at all costs. But, sometimes there just isn’t any avoiding it. This week alone, we have violated that rule twice, once in politics and once in sports with this forthcoming post.

Dateline: Charlottesville, Va, University of Virginia, February 28, 2013. Virginia upsets #3 Duke, and the spectators rush the court. This has become a more than common occurence. Rushing the court that is. Actually, so has beating Duke this year, but I digress. The very rightfully respected Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski spoke out after his team’s loss about the opponent’s fans rushing the court after the game ended.


Look, I agree. Enough with rushing the court already. It’s stupid and if nothing else it is SO over done these days. But, I find it interesting that Coach K spoke out to denounce this activity after a Duke loss, rather than a huge Duke win at home.