MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 61 – Figured it out!

…why haven’t $Dollar coins been more in demand?

Since the arrival of the $Dollar coins, I have really struggled with trying to figure out why it’s not more popular. Every other country with money, real or imaginary as ours some times feels, uses coins for their most widely used currency. It’s really a no brainer, because a coin will virtualy last forever and paper money is SO a back when “we put men on the moon” type of accomplishment. Personally, I LOVE the $Dollar coins. It’s such a waste of space having more than like 5 $1 bills. Unless you’re planning a trip to the local “Bada-Bing!”, $1 bills are just a nuiscance and take up too much space.

photo (1)photo





So, why haven’t $Dollar coins been more in demand? Well, I thought about that and I think I finally identified the reason(s).


How will college kids partake in a game of “Quarters” if there is an even better, larger, more valuable coin? I mean what in the world would the game be called then?



At any rate, I think this debacle explains the slow adoption of the dollar coin.

MMeM, Vol. 8 Issue 14 – Never seen these

Yep, thank goodness I was there.

And to think that a four leaf clover was rare. What about finding two four leaf clovers? Now that has to be some kind of extra special rare.

At least, that’s what I used to think. But, then I stumbled upon these most odd onion rings ever! First it was the fried onion ring in a perfect shape of an “Anti-” symbol. I thought it had to be 1 in a thousand occurrence or better.


Oh sure, I still ate it but not before that, I took a PICTURE OF IT!

Well that excitement was soon eclipsed not long after when one day I chose a healthier lunch option by grazing the salad bar. Lo and behold there was another onion ring in the shape of the “Anti-” symbol again. Only this time, the ring was naked and not wearing any tasty clothes. Was this a sibling to the first ring from the other day you ask?


Well no, that would not be possible because these two special onion rings occurred months apart. Perhaps the MOST amazing part of this story is the fact that a person took pictures of both “Anti-” onion rings.

Yep, thank goodness I was there. I know! I said the same thing!