MMeM, Vol.11 Issue 24 – You have DERAILED

Call me a prude or whatever.

Look, I really appreciate and sometimes generally enjoy good advertising. I’ve always kind of viewed smart, niche, or sarcastic advertising as something to be appreciated. Commercials aren’t going to stop or cease to exist it’s just a constant we’ll always have. But, while companies and advertising agencies are trying to produce ever more edgy ads to be remembered and talked about they do sometimes make some horrible mistakes.

I suppose that I could try to list some of these in recent memory, but it’s so vast that I’d or you’d be better served if I just started a new website devoted completely to Ad-Misses or utter derailment.

So, rather than embarking on what would be me 6th or 7th website, I’ll just note this recent disaster. Cottonelle, yeah, I’m talking to you. This commando business has gone far enough and in fact went to far with the first editions featuring women talking, on camera, about “going commando”. Yeah, I know about going commando. It was a common practice back in COLLEGE for some. At least, that’s what those who were too lazy or disorganized to do laundry would crow about as if it was some source of pride. Well, it’s not and it’s gross, especially when considering and having to picture the latest Cottonelle commercial featuring “Average JOE” bellowing about “Going Commando”.


Yikes. That guy looks like a composite of every man alive that should NOT do that, either “GO COMMANDO” or be in a nationally televised commercial showing his nether region. UGH.

Call me a prude or whatever, I don’t really care.