MMeM, Vol. 14 Issue 26 – New Stuff

MMeM, Vol. 14 Issue 26 – New Stuff
…it takes all kinds sometimes


have long made it no secret that I’m a fan of the United States Post Office. I don’t really know where it began or why, but it’s just always been that way for me. Now, to be clear I keep it in check a bit more than say oh I don’t know, my brother. He had his new cub scout uniform on when he was a brand new scout and saluted the UPS man. But I digress.

Sure, I loved the Kevin Costner movie “The Postman”, because it contained two of my passions, the apocalypse and the post office. Back when I used to drive across the country, I wanted to create a book with pictures of all the post offices across the country highlighting the differences between the big, small, remote, urban, etc. But alas, I suppose I’ve grown up, a bit anyway.

Anyway, I always notice things regarding the post office and the past year I’ve definitely noticed USPS trucks out making deliveries on SUNDAYS! What? Yes, that’s been a real head turner for sure! Hello Amazon! Talk about a culture shock.

I even like noticing people’s mailboxes and how they choose to decorate them, or make them their own in some manner. Then in many subdivisions and HOA’s these days, there is the effort to make everyone use the same big plastic mailbox for uniformity and a seemingly clean neat and tidy look to the neighborhood. Some of these mailboxes now-a-days have front and rear openings so a resident doesn’t have to stand curbside to get their mail! Oh the humanity!

While walking the dog the other day I noticed how these dual opening mailboxes might prove confusing for some residents. I wasn’t quite sure how, but hey, it takes all kinds sometimes.

Here’s a tip, the red flag goes curbside. Just sayin’.


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