MMeM, Vol.2 Issue 12

Here at Midwestern Meditations eMagazine, the email periodical you never asked for but always seem to get, we recently did some introspection. Midwestern Meditations eMagazine, or MMeM, was born out of frustration. Frustration with the way that the middle section of this country is perceived by our coastal neighbors to either side of us. Yes, I’m talking about the redneck stereotype.

With that said, we here at MMeM set out to see if the stereotypes about midwesterners were correct or just a bunch of fallacies. For the purposes of this experiment, I, the editor of MMeM, will take a look at my life to see if I fit this stereotype. I’ll let the readers decide whether we here in “Fly Over Country” are really redneck hicks or not.

Item #1

Ok, this one looks pretty stupid, I’ll give you that. But, it serves its purpose. It’s my cell phone hands-free system in my car. Can anyone say “Redneck Onstar”? Passengers do kind of find the wire hanging in front of their faces a bit annoying I guess.

Item #2

Let me explain this one. How do you come to own a grill smaller than the propane tank it’s hooked up to? It’s a long story. I’ll save you from the details I guess.
At least I don’t have it set up like this:

Item #3

So, this process is really starting to scare me. Or, do a lot of people have souvenir beer bottles that are still unopened, where the beer’s ‘Born on Date’ matches the date your kid was born? I’m sure they do, right? No? Just me?


Fine. Point proven. Redneck Hicks we may be after all.

(clears throat….and in my best Jeff Foxworthy voice)

“If you own a bottle of beer with the same ‘Born on Date’ as your kid…

…you might be a Redneck!”


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