MMeM, Vol.I Issue 4

You live in a very small midwestern town. You have one “highway” that goes right through said town. Construction on the highway in the middle of your little ‘burb causes a one block detour which happens to go right past your house. 

You are preoccupied with all the sudden traffic which has to come to 3 complete stops to complete the one block detour. 

You live at the corner of stop number 2. You’re concerned about the increased traffic and the speed of that traffic as it snakes around the block past your home.

Do you,

A) notify the construction project members that perhaps more signing is in order to remind drivers to proceed with caution through your tiny town?

B) contact local law enforcement asking them to increase their own visibility in the area to aid in motorists heeding posted detour instructions?

or finally, do you….
C) take matters into your own hands by erecting the following travel advisory message?

Yep, that’s right……”SLOW DOWN! POLE LICKERS” it says……. I suppose that could get the point across as well.


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