MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 59 – WTH?

Please ! Make it stop!

Now, I realize that this may be JUST me but I’m thinking that might not be the case. These are two very successful and popular insuance companies that have bottomless money pits for their advertising budgets, apparently. But I am so SICK and TIRED of both “Flo” and that “Money-Man” thing.

Enough Progressive and GEICO! Please! Make it stop.

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MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 53 – WTH?

…there was a reality show with a Glass House and, well, it sucked.

So, I saw on the news this morning that there is another “artist” who has people in NYC all up in arms. Seems this artist took pictures from his window of people in the next building and then put them on display in a museum. Everyone around this building in question is all up in arms and aghast that someone would take their picture without them knowing. I get that, it would be a bit unnerving for sure but the pictures displayed are not racy and are actually quite good. Still, what’s next? This week we’ve had stories about 3D Printers that can make an undetectable firearm out of non-metallic material and now this? How will the government legislate on these issues?

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All I keep thinking is do these people in the pictures know that there is a device, actually several devices that has already been in existence for decades that can take care of this issue? They are called CURTAINS or even BLINDS. I’m shocked that people don’t know this!

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Oh sure I know everyone wants to see out their windows most of the time and get sunlight in their home. But, when they find themselves in any kind of situation that they deem private they can #DRAWTHEBLINDS.

Obviously, I’m in the minority on this and let me say that normally, I don’t defend left field “artists”.

It is asking a lot and sure it would be better if we could all live in the most populous city in America within Glass Houses. But hey, there was a Reality Show with a glass house and, well, it sucked.