MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 7 – Scared?

…they are scared of them…

Going to the hospital is never a pleasant experience for anyone. But, in life often times, family and societal obligations necessitate that people need to do just that. Of course, children are brought out of both necessity and for a sense of a teaching moment to be sure. Probably the first bit of information given to a complaining child about going to a hospital to visit a relative is the standard, “Well, just be glad it’s not you that’s stuck in the hospital sick with no one to visit you!” Or maybe, “Well, one day you might find yourself sick in a hospital and you’ll be so happy and relived if someone comes to visit you.”

Yes, these are life moments that we all go through at some point. Moreover, hospitals certainly have it tough. First you have an institution charged with healing people, caring for them, welcoming visitors, and handling the delicate balancing act of trying to bill and pay for everything at the same time.

Given all of this, I wonder why people come away with such a bad impression of hospitals in general. It’s almost like they are scared of them or something. After it’s all explained by a parent, why would a child ever find a hospital scary?

MMeM, Vol.12 Issue 10 – Keep it in the family

…hire the same attorney ?

There are stories in the news sometimes that just leave you speechless. Dateline; March 28th and 30th, 2016, Pickens County Alabama.

Apparently, a 32 year old male math teacher who was also a basketball and football coach was arrested for having sex with a student under the age of 19. That is, of course, disturbing.

But, not nearly as disturbing as the fact that 2 days prior said teacher’s wife who was the girl’s basketball coach was also arrested for the same charge!


Talk about keeping it in the family.

So many questions come to mind. First, do you think they might go ahead and hire the same attorney? Then, go ahead and have that same attorney handle their divorce as well?

MMeM, Vol.11 Issue 17 – Wait, what?

Again, I just don’t get it.

Obviously, I am missing something here. To be perfectly blunt, it’s not really JUST here, but for the sake of everyone’s time, I’m just focusing here for now. Please, allow me to explain this predicament.

My daughter graduates, God willing, in less than a month from high school. Now I don’t have to droll on and on about how special that is for a father. A father of one child, and a daughter nonetheless, and one who moved with her dad back to his hometown at age 4 and attended his alma mater school district. That all seemed like something that was just never really in the cards. I mean, she was born in Missouri, and I had no intention to ever have a family right back where I started or anything like that, not that there’s anything wrong with that. And, there’s nothing wrong with where I’m from or anything, don’t get me wrong, I mean we have corn, and then there’s beans, and corn, did I mention the corn? Look, I’ve been running this blog, Midwestern Meditations for 11 years now, almost as long as I’ve been back. That should really tell you all you need to know.

It’s just that sometimes, the most amazing things happen from the darkest moments in life and suddenly, a never before seen or even imagined new path, opens.

It’s a big deal for me on so many levels involving so many great people and their wonderful acts of kindnessions, not to mention of course, the belle of the ball, my daughter, Peyton.

Wait, let me wipe my eyes dry for a moment here, I seem to have gotten…something…in them, dust or, whatever.

So, I had to mail graduation announcements the other day and decided that the best option was to drop them off at the main post office in Springfield, “The Big House” as I like to call it. Graduation announcements, as I struggled to explain to my very wise beyond her years 18-year-old senior, are as much to tell my friends and distant relatives that, “Hey, yeah, remember us? Guess what, she’s 18 and graduating from high school now!” For me, that’s the point of the graduation announcement entirely. For friends of my own generation it’s like a gentle gut-punch that says, “WE’RE OLD”, and for generations greater than my own, well, I’ll just leave it there.

Anyway, my confusion while on this simple mail drop was this:


So, what am I missing here?

There is only 1 slot. Yet, the sign(S) seem to imply 2 types of mail to drop off. LOCAL and OUT OF TOWN. Are we supposed to flick the out-of-town mail extra hard into said slot while lumpily letting local mail fall into the same slot? If it’s for both, why doesn’t it just say “MAIL”?

Again, I just don’t get it.

But, while I’m at it and for the record….Peyton graduates on May 17, 2015 on the campus of the University of Illinois at Springfield. Yeah, I’m pretty proud, happy, thankful, and well, you get the gist.