MMeM, Vol.8 Issue 46 – We maya translated that wrong.


Do NOT under any circumstances play Russian Roulette…

Well all I know for sure is that after Y2K and now this Mayan Calendar ending date of 12/21/12, I hope everyone was brought up reading “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. I know I was.

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But, even after having that story read to me by my mom for years I for one can say it’s going to take some pretty rock solid evidence for me to buy into the next Apocalypse-Judgement-OutOfTime-Day again. I’m sorry but I’m spent.

Does everyone remember Harold Camping? This guy predicts the End of Times all of the time. First, second, and third predictions were in 1994. The 5th prediction was in 1995. His latest un-predictions included #6 on May 21, 2011 which he quickly followed up with #7 on September 21, 2011. Still, nothing happened. One thing’s for sure, this guy, now 90 some years old and a pastor of his church, his friends and family aren’t asking him to organize the pools for Powerball or Megamillions.

Over time there have been 172 documented failed predictions for the End of the World (Thankfully). These predictions span from 634BC to 12-21-12 of course and include famous prognosticators such as Charles Manson, Louis Farrakhan, Marshall Applewhite (Heaven’s Gate guy), Nostradamus, Jerry Falwell, and of course the aforementioned Harold Cummings.

The predictions game is definitely a tough racket. My advice to these soothsayers? Do NOT under any circumstances no matter what you think you heard or felt play Russian Roulette.