MMeM, Vol.8 Issue 37 – !Fiscal Cliff! -Now?

…a debt somewhere around $16.3 Trillion dollars.

So now, now we begin all the talk about the looming fiscal cliff. What? This freaking thing has been looming for decades! This is not new NEWS at all.

It’s just another case of once mainstream media gets a taste of a story to keep their tickers moving THEN everyone starts talking about it and the brew-ha-hah begins. Look, I don’t know about any of my readers but myself, I’ve considered myself to be on a collision course with a bit of a fiscal cliff as well. The fix for me is pretty simple really. I have two choices. 1. I can spend less money that I don’t even really have yet., or 2. I can try to earn more money.

That’s it. There is no secret or magical elixir available to make it all better. And, just because I see people with things that I like that I can’t afford doesn’t mean that should get to have them too unless I enact one of the two measures outlined above, Step 1. or 2.

But back to the GoverNOT for a minute. You know I can see how a budget as massive as this country’s could get away from a group of 5-600 elected officials from time to time. I mean there are natural disasters, wars, terrorism, plagues, all kinds of nasty things that you just have to whip out the credit card sometimes. I get that. But, once you hit the $5, $7, or maybe $10 Trillion dollar limit, something has to be done or that card is gonna get cancelled!

So here we are 30 days away from this looming “fiscal cliff” with a debt somewhere around $16.3 Trillion dollars. And, it increases by $3.87 Billion dollars every day. We can argue and bicker about taxes vs. cuts all we want, but one thing’s for sure. We had just better grab one another’s hands, close our eyes, floor it, and Thelma-n-Louise this jalopy off this fiscal cliff to see what happens on the other side, errr, at the bottom.

MMeM, Vol.8 Issue 26 – Perspective

…I’m ready to tap out and say I got nothin’.

Today while out running errands, went past the local Best Buy and it reminded me of an encounter I had there about 2 months ago. I have problems. I have lots of problems and anyone can plainly see that for the most part but this experience put them all into perspective.

So, I’m standing outside of Best Buy and there’s quite a bit of foot traffic and cars moving around causing a bunch of hustle bustle. I’m standing there with my crutch and a small bag from Best Buy when I see a man in a wheelchair with a dog come toward me on the sidewalk. This man is pretty loaded down with a huge bag of dog food and some other belongings and is holding onto the dog with a handle from a harness. As he gets right up to me, his dog stops dead in his tracks and assumes the position to deposit his business. While this is going on and the two are stopped I notice that the man is blind.

Blind and in a wheelchair out getting his guide dog his food. Sure, that’s enough to most people’s lives into perspective right? Yeah well it was for me. I mean at this point, I’m done. I’m ready to tap out and say I got nothin’ on this guy. But wait, it gets more unbelievable for us mere normal mortals. I couldn’t take a picture, wasn’t. Gonna. Do. It. I have no luck to PRESS. So, I grabbed a photo or two online to help illustrate the situation.


So, the man pulls out this pole from where I don’t know and it has a small shovel on one end. He then picks up all of his dog’s business himself! Now, I did offer to do something, like help but he’d have none of it. And you know how concrete in front of retail stores is bleach white? No worry, because after the dog’s excrement is gone, the man the pulls out a spray bottle and takes the top off to pour some bleach on the area to cleanse it. Yeah, again none of us “normal” mere mortals do that. It’s at this point that I notice his dog which is a mixed breed black lab has a right rear leg and hind quarter that is discolored. It’s about a white-ish grey-ish color from its back down to its foot.

The dog likes to hang pretty close to his owner. Yeah, even when his owner is cleaning up after him.

Have you figured out what has happened over time to the seeing service dog?

Still think you’ve had a tough day? Me either. That goes for the man and the dog.