MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 15 – Whoops

One of my favorite brother stories…

There have been several weird, funny, and strange things happen at your local Wal-mart. These stores have become what malls used to be, or have supplanted them, grocery stores, and auto maintenance shops. There have even been sites like “PeopleOfWalmart” or photo websites setup to document goings-on there.

Everyone goes there. Oh sure, they may lie and say otherwise, but the ease and convenience of having everything you need in one place has just proven too enticing to pass up.

Dateline – Englewood, FL.  As stated above, there are many reasons to go to Wal-mart. But, why would anyone EVER drive a mint condition 1959 corvette to a Wal-mart for ANY reason?

Next, HOW would another shopper inadvertently, I hope, park on top of said corvette?

Now, my brother once drove his new truck into a parking lot lamp post and accidentally pressed the gas pedal rather than the brake. The truck shot up the 3 foot concrete base of the lamp post and the front end got stuck up on it. He had to open the driver door and fall out of the truck. The tow truck driver he called said, over snorting laughter, he had never seen anything like that in all his years on the job.

That was one of my favorite brother stories, among many, of all time. I’m pretty sure that happened in Montana. I’ll have to ask him if that was in a Wal-mart parking lot as well.

MMeM, Vol.12 Issue 40 – Parking Wars

I see, accidents a plenty…

Begun, the Parking Wars have. I don’t know if anyone would remember, but we posted about a guy who had his car “booted” for being a parking scoff-law, a bit of a “WhiteWhale”, he seemed to be. But, for him those boots were nothing more than a hinderance as he just jacked up his car, took off the locked wheels, put on a couple of spares and drove away. Done. Problem solved. Wah-Lah!

You had to hand it to the guy. He saw an immediate problem, and he improvised.

Subsequently, parking officials have now answered back. You know, maybe it’s just be but I’m not totally convinced that this method of “mobile-impounding” would stop a guy like that in the future.


I mean, who hasn’t driven their car with the windshield iced over or dirty as hell with their head hanging out of the driver side window to navigate where they are going? Moreover, I see accidents aplenty coming as a result of this “invention” as yay-hoo’s try to get around them with passengers acting as seeing guide dog drivers through sunroof and passenger side door windows, etc.

Then, what if the scoff-law already has a cracked windshield anyway and just figures it’s time to go ahead and knock it out? It’ll happen.

Yeah, I don’t know about this entry into the anthology of Parking Wars.