MMeM, Vol.12 Issue 36 – …and so it begins, again.

It had to begin, really,

Today is Tuesday. The NEW iPhone 7 technically comes out this Friday. Of course, it’s been available for pre-sale for more than a week now. Moreover, non-stories, supposed leaks, stolen pictures, rumors, and speculations about it have been circulating the wasted space of the internet for nearly a year.

So, without further ado, let the clambering about the iPhone 8 commence!


It had to begin, really, when you think about it. This NON industry of tech NON-news has to survive or die. If not for the next-next future iPhone, there’s always the latest gadget with a flammable, burning, or exploding battery to report on too.

MMeM, Vol.12 Issue 25 – Enough Already!

In fact, everyone hates this …honest.

For me, the only thing more annoying than an updated, new, have-to-upgrade-to new cell phone that comes out, is the incessant non-news during the ramp up year after year after year. I mean, come ON! I get it. Some tech bloggers and magazine writers need content. We all struggle with this issue from time to time. But for the love of! This is NON STOP!

After a while, you think that manufacturers and mobile phone providers are “leaking” information and pictures of rumored upcoming new phones like the iPhone 7 to these nonNews outlets. Here’s a tip. They’re not. Because, they don’t have to. See, these bloggers, magazines, and industry hopeful types HAVE to manufacture this supposed hype in order to maintain the fallacy that they can still stay in some fantasy of “business”. No. One. Cares. In fact, everyone hates this to be honest. Everyone hates the fact that the mobile phone they can barely afford to have currently is technically already out-of-date and that blogs and “reporters” such as these folks are publishing stories about the next coming like a sighting of Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich.

Every freaking day, someone is posting crappy pictures of rumored iPhone 7 glimpses that supposedly show it NOT having a mute button or NOT having a headphone jack or whatever. This goes on for MONTHS and MONTHS. Look, we get it. We know that our phones that we JUST GOT are out of date before we wrestle them out of the over done tamper proof packaging. Just stop talking about the next thing. We don’t care. What you should be talking about is NOTHING. Because, in truth, there really isn’t any reason for you to be bugging anyone and the sad, sad, sad truth is that media outlets will suck up your content because they still believe that EVERYONE wants to learn about a shiny new iPhone.

MMeMv12i25a MMeMv12i25b MMeMv12i25c MMeMv12i25d MMeMv12i25e

MMeMv12i25i.PNGMMeMv12i25f MMeMv12i25g.PNG MMeMv12i25h.PNG


I suppose, in the end, we the consumers must be driving this behavior somehow. But, gosh its irritating and annoying.