MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 52 – Never say never.

Look, this was the week of miracles!

What week this has been huh?

I mean craziness coming out of the woodwork! Things happened that no one thought would ever happen.


Here’s a general list of which I speak;

  1. 3 women are rescued after being kidnapped and subjected to the sexual torture dungeon of a modern day Shrek. Some of the women were held for 10 years! And, they were in Cleveland!
  2. Randy Jackson of American Idol announced his retirement from the show he’s been doggin’ it on for 12 years!
  3. A female survivor was pulled from the rubble of the Bangladeshean haberdashery that collapsed 17 days ago. This tragedy has already produced more than a 1,000 victims.
  4. 142,316,000 people continue to live and survive in Bangladesh.
  5. The small bird that I put in the mudpit at the front of my driveway survived for 6 days before it was run over.


photo (1)     photo (2)   photo (3)

Look, this was the week of miracles! I gave that bird 2 days at most. Period.