MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 57 – This IS rocket science.

I got your advanced studies on that !

Well our previous post about a RAT having been spotted on Mars has gone NOWHERE! Talk about a media blackout! Sheesh! Well, I guess Mars isn’t as “Move-in Ready” as that report had indicated. Oh well. I’m sure we’ll bring our own rodents and pests when we colonize in the future.

But, previously, we exposed what appeared to be typographical errors on mainstream news outlets’ parts, i.e. The New York Times. But, this is different because we tested it and Microsoft’s Word DOES catch this “error”.

From NASA via>
“It would require a lot of power for electromagnets, but it does have promise, so we’re donig some really advanced studies on that.”

I got your advanced studies on that!

Come on writers! It’s not Rocket Science, well your subject certainly is but NOT THE STORY’S language! Donig? WTF?

MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 56 – RATS!

So, this is what we find?

I could be wrong but I think that most people have always thought that there was life on other planets somewhere in the universe. However, never, ever, would I have ever thought that the first species found on another planet would end up being a RAT. Our country has spent billions upon billions of dollars on space exploration. So, this is what we find? A RAT on Mars? What a kick in the gut.

Rat Boy, have movies had this topic pegged wrong or what?