MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 50 – Future cat burglar? Don’t think so.

…never have have to wonder what she had for breakfast.

My daughter doesn’t cover her tracks well, at all. She does get up on her own and get ready and off to school with no prompting whatsoever. Then, when I’m getting ready to leave shortly after her departure, I never have to wonder what she had for breakfast.


…other trailblazing, or markings, from previously. That is an empty Pop-Tart wrapper on top of the recently folded laundry stack of towels.

This is one that I saw when I needed some Tylenol one time and my daughter had gotten some Ibuprofen a few minutes earlier.


Remember that old tag/graffiti game that was really big a while back? What was it, “Kilroy Was Here” or something like that. Well I looked it up and the origins of what it means and how it started are very much largely unknown, for sure. One site I found lists 9 possible reasons for the cultural icon catching on back in WWII and others even say it was in WWI.


Yeah, I have a version of that at home… However, the incidents are different today. Instead of some autographed icon and statement, it’s evidence of “someone” having “been here”.

I love my daughter, she’s the best. But, she’ll never have a career as a burglar, which is also great of course.

MMeM, Vol. 8 Issue 6

…gaze about the house and let it speak to you.

One of my favorite things about being a Dad is that kids leave such a trail or tracks which tell you everything that they have done. You know, maybe they get home from school before you get home from work. Now you could ask them what they have been doing. But, you’ll get the general, “nothing” or “studying” answers from their mental Rolodex.

Or, you can silently take a gaze about the house and let it speak to you. I know this trait is different with all kids and at all ages at some point. But, fortunately, my daughter has not yet developed much in the way of cat burglary skills, thankfully.

I can track every meal by main dish, sides, and drinks without ever having to use anything other than what’s sitting on the counter. One of my favorite examples of this “power” was when I went to my daughter’s room and very seriously asked her if the 2 Ibuprofen had worked.

She was bewildered as to how I could know to even ask. We had very recently had the discussion about how many to use for her current age and weight. I confirmed it was still 2 and not 3 like she had asked because she was now 15. Funny thing was I needed to use some Tylenol that day as well by chance.

Good girl.