MMeM, Vol.11 Issue 49 – “Knock-Knock”, anyone?

Do stuff with a smirk.

I am finding it very frustrating in today’s world, that everyone gets offended about everything and anything. I mean there is nothing left that anyone can say about anything in jest. Really. Now sure, there are some good instances where caution should be taken for obvious reasons.

I always find myself kind of comparing it to back, way back, to when I was in college, a composition class. The professor assigned us a compare and contrast paper once, and said that any topic was welcome with one exception, abortion. That was the taboo topic. But today, I feel like that same professor would have to tell our class to come up with mythical concepts and topics on which to write.

Consequently, when you start with this logic and venture into the realm of trying to make yourself and God forbid, other people chuckle once in a while, well, you are really taking a risk. The risk is that you are possibly going to infringe on someone else’s feelings, a corporation’s policies, or a government’s laws. It just never ends anymore. I used to “joke” that all that’s going to be left eventually is “Knock-Knock” jokes, but honestly some of those could just as easily be inappropriate too!


I guess my issue rises from the way I choose to live and deal with day-to-day rigmarole. I mean day-to-day beat downs are exhausting. What with bills, work, tasks, chores, bills, kids, work, bills, did I mention bills? Quite a while ago, actually a long while ago, I made a life decision which was that I decided to live life with humor as a major player in my game. See, anyone can pay bills, work, do tasks, chores, raise kids, pay bills, work, pay more bills, but what if they did all of that while trying to interject a little humor along the way? It doesn’t cost a thing. It might actually improve your health by relieving stress!

Do stuff. Do stuff with a smirk. It can be done. Things can still get done just as well as when you’re all serious all the time.

MMeM, Vol.10 Issue – 16

Honestly it’s NOT mine!?!

The other day we had to clean out the fish tank. Then, later I was in my favorite room in the house, the garage.

I happened to notice, this on my work bench…


To borrow a phrase from one of my favorite movies…. “Honestly, it’s not mine!”


MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 61 – Figured it out!

…why haven’t $Dollar coins been more in demand?

Since the arrival of the $Dollar coins, I have really struggled with trying to figure out why it’s not more popular. Every other country with money, real or imaginary as ours some times feels, uses coins for their most widely used currency. It’s really a no brainer, because a coin will virtualy last forever and paper money is SO a back when “we put men on the moon” type of accomplishment. Personally, I LOVE the $Dollar coins. It’s such a waste of space having more than like 5 $1 bills. Unless you’re planning a trip to the local “Bada-Bing!”, $1 bills are just a nuiscance and take up too much space.

photo (1)photo





So, why haven’t $Dollar coins been more in demand? Well, I thought about that and I think I finally identified the reason(s).


How will college kids partake in a game of “Quarters” if there is an even better, larger, more valuable coin? I mean what in the world would the game be called then?



At any rate, I think this debacle explains the slow adoption of the dollar coin.

MMeM, Vol.8 Issue 35 – Male Secret

So, if I don’t “make fun” of you, I don’t like you.

What I am about to do goes against every man card holding right there is. But this is needed. The recent Thanksgiving holiday, or I mean “Turkey Day”, reminded me of all the times at big family gatherings when I would inevitably get in trouble. I would get in trouble for making fun of someone or laughing at someone for something they did or said. Actually, I would always think I was laughing with them and not really at them.

This actually didn’t happen this year. At least I don’t think it did, but I could have already forgotten. At any rate, my point and the big reveal I am making today is this. Men “make fun” of others as an extension or a natural building upon their having made fun of themselves and having run out of material. Laughing with someone, or as many in the opposite gender field would term it, laughing at someone, is really a form of male endearment. It’s true.

Look, to put it quite simply, humor takes effort, thought, set-up, and preparation. It’s work. The pay off is laughing which is good. Again, laughing is good and it is the goal. I am not going to waste all of this creativity and effort on someone or something that I don’t like.

So, if I don’t “make fun” of you, I don’t like you.

Got it? Good.

Don’t get it? That’s fine too. We’re right back where we started, nothing gained nothing lost.

But this is real behind-the-curtain kind of information here. Even the great comedians of all time weren’t brave enough to reveal this secret. They just went on with their successful careers all the while absorbing barbs from so many of the unenlightened.




Me? I like to pretend I’m among great comedic thinkers (I’m certainly not). But, my career is going nowhere, so what the hell do I care?

It’s like Male Rule #3. I’ll leave figuring out numbers 1 and 2 to you and your best guesses.