MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 43 – Yup. NOPE!

Burn out and fade away…

I can never decide which is worse, how long annoying social media viral no-talent no-hit wonders survive or how many late comers from the masses fan the flames after the blaze appears to have subsided.

Unfortunately, I am referring to the “cash-me-ousside” girl from Dr. Phil subsequently, making myself one of the latter. However, I do so under the guise of reporting on another offender of late-comers. In my defense, I commented on cash-me-ousside girl a while ago.

Back in March of this year it was a church who used her phrase-ology on their sign that was rather nifty. Not really sure what Arby’s is trying to say with this one, but whatevs…

Her first appearance on Dr. Phil was in September of 2016. Let’s hope this marks the last of her celebrity and that her $30K appearance fee tours all burn out before the 1 year anniversary. Just burn out and fade away…

MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 14 – Yup!

Cash me ous side howbow dah?

Has everyone heard about the “Cash me ousside” girl that was on Dr. Phil back in September 2016? Of course you have, how couldn’t you? 13-year-old Danielle Peskowitz was back on Dr. Phil again for a return visit after spending time at Turn About Ranch compliments of Dr. Phil, and she did her best to leave everything she learned at the ranch.

Anyway, as she would say, ’nuff ’bout dat. I thought this church had a pretty nifty take on one of her many “catch phrases”, err “cash phrases” as she’s now getting $30,000 per appearance fee. Ugh.

Howbow Dah?