MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 35 – Gypsies. Really?

Hey, if THEY can do modern stuff, so can we!

Can we all agree that no one really knows what a “Gypsy” is? When you get right down to it, gypsies are really just unemployed people who like to travel and have no real home. It’s really just Chic Homelessness. That brings up another point, we had better not be including “Gypsies” in homeless counts!

Anyway, it was reported this week that a “Gypsy” family has been arrested for stealing better than $3M worth of electronics across the country. My problem with this is, don’t gypsies generally shun modern society and technology? No? I don’t know, sounds like these gypsies have been watching AmishMafia and decided, “Hey, if THEY can do modern stuff, so can we!” Apparently, 3-4 members of this family were based (using that word lightly) in Chicago. #StayClassyChicago

I don’t know, maybe the rest of us should band together and form an Amish Gypsy club and make the big time like these nose-to-the-grindstone workers!


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