MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 24 – Vanity Plates, nothing more


Now I know this story comes to us from our neighbors to the North, but I think this guy has a valid point. Obviously, they do hear a fair amount about what goes on down here, much to their chagrin these days I’m sure.

Dateline, March 27, 2017 Nova Scotia, Canada. Lorne Grabher had gotten a vanity plate back in 1991 with his last name. For some reason, he received a letter in December 2016 telling him that his vanity plate was being revoked due to the fact it was being viewed as “socially unacceptable”.

Ok, it’s his last name. Lots of people get personalized plates with nothing more than their last names. He’s had it for decades. Gee, I wonder what on Earth could have suddenly caused this revocation of his license plate? Oh sure, one could make the argument that GRAB HER could be misconstrued as violence toward women, but why now? Why wasn’t this ever brought up before now?

Yeah, if you let this one sink in for a minute…remember the relative proximity of Nova Scotia to our fair burg, and the recent goings on down here…it’ll come to you. Use your words….

Hmmm….why would GRABHER, GRAB HER. By golly, I can’t ….OH MY GAWD!

MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 23 – Full Circle

Talk about a huge 360!

Well, well, well. That’s just about, all I can say. Talk about a huge 360! While the rest of the world and our country is beating itself up about how in the heck we are supposed to rid ourselves of fossil fuels and there are still those that deny the need to do anything at all, something like this happens.

After we have another pandering election, with winners and losers promising to put fossil fuel producers front and center again, regardless of the future of the industry, this happens.

This, of which I speak, is the forward thinking actions of a museum of one of the pillars of the fossil fuel industry of all time.

See the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum which just converted to SOLAR power! TA-DAH!

MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 13 – So ILL

…let nature take its course.

Here in the home of Midwestern Meditations, the bankrupt state of Illinois, things are eroding, cracking, and rusting away. Take license plates for instance. How long do you think that states have been making plates in aluminum for obvious reasons? Here in ILL the aluminum plate debuted in 1950. Yeah, using the old three-letter USPS abbreviation for Illinois seems tremendously appropriate these days.

However, apparently someone in the license plate construction process used a type of paint that contained a corrosive metal subsequently making the use of aluminum plates useless. Heck, I have a license plate that began the, all to familiar around here, bubbling up rust pattern around the letters (WTL NX YR).

Fortunately, the CUBS made that license plate officially NULL and VOID last year, and I have a generic state issued ready to rust model.

The other day I saw a pristine example of our state’s great plates. Usually, I would think about obstructing the plate for the person whose plate this was, but obviously that work was not needed in this case.

Yeah, that plate is completely unaltered via photographic software.

Have you ever heard about people getting confusing combination of letters on their plates to make it harder for police to look up or write down their plates, i.e. MNMMWNM? Well, if speeders and criminals exercise a bit of patience here, they can just let nature take its course.

I’ve heard of people getting tickets for having an obstructed view of their license plate such as a tinted plate cover, etc. Obviously, no one can read this plate and it should warrant a ticket, but who should get the ticket? Not the driver or registered owner of the car, but I think the State of ILL should get the ticket!


MMeM, Vol.12 Issue 33 – Wait, what?

Again, maybe it’s just me.

Look, I know that road work is hard. It’s hot. The sun is beating down on you and people are irritated by the progress that is finally being done now that more non-repayable loans taken by the state have been secured. Maybe it’s just me, I mean I’m not above misunderstanding simple visual instructions. But, I believe the intent of these arrows is to point out that the center lanes are CLOSED. At least, that was what I definitely learned as I traversed further down the road on the right as the arrow on the left “told” me to, I think, or something.


Again, maybe it’s just me, as is always my default assumption, but the arrow placements here almost seems to direct one to do exactly what they are NOT supposed to do which is drive in the center lanes. Perhaps, putting the arrows on the opposite sides, each, it would make more “sense”?


Just me? Again?

Whatevs. I give.

MMeM, Vol.12 Issue 32 – Just stop it

What will the protocol be

How many presidents do we have to put through this tired, simple, and ridiculous routine time and time again anyway? Every time someone gets elected, someone else, probably a chief of staff type, stands at the door of the White House with their hand extended and says, “Hand it over.” They are referring to hair dye. See, they can’t allow the president to do what tens of millions of other Americans do every day of their lives. No, they have to SHOW the progression of age as a way to highlight the TOLL that the job takes on these leaders.


I don’t know about you, but I caught onto this little rouse some time ago. It’s childish and I don’t really think other countries bother with this simpleton charade of hair color and aging to try to TRICK their populous into respecting their leaders. I could spend dozens of posts on respecting leaders in this country, and current election not withstanding, but I pride myself on NOT writing about politics. But, there are times when enough is enough or it’s JUST TOO EASY.

Moreover, speaking of current elections. What will happen if we do get our first American Female President this time? What will the protocol be with HER HAIR I wonder? HMMMmmm?

Well, I for one, will hold this as the only potential outcome I’m truly looking forward to with the conclusion of this election.