MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 33 – The CLAW

How, was it never my little brother?

Now I know, everyone has gone through spells where they can’t pass up wasting coins on “THE CLAW” machine. You know, you’re probably at a restaurant waiting for a table or you’re shopping with your mom for school clothes, for college, whatever. Anyway, these rip-off robots are too enticing. Oh, and put one in a bar? Forgetta-bout-it!

If you’re anything like me, my friends, or siblings you’ve even gone so far as to judge and grade machines on the level of compacted-ness of the pieces of crap in them. How well did the vendor pack the “plush” stuffed toys down into the cube thus making them nearly impossible to pull up with the equally worthless piece of crap “claw-crane”? Sometimes you’ll spot a few outliers that other suckers came close to retrieving but failed, in so doing leaving them in prime pick-up positions.

Then again, even supposed grown-ups such as ourselves would gaze into these third-rate torture devices and dream about having our way with the little plexiglass fortress. No? Well, we weren’t the only ones. Seems this poor little 3 year old boy, Jamie, found himself in this crane toy machine and his 5 year old brother, Shane, was there to witness it. My thanks to the father for posting the pics and video for me to live out my little childhood dream.

The surprising thing to me about this story is, “How, was it never my little brother?”

MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 22 – Woopsy Daisy!

…making a situation worse.

Things like this only surprise me in that they didn’t happen to me. This kind of thing is the type of accident that defines my day to day life. When I try to do something pro-active, or when I go out of my way to prevent something bad from happening, inevitably I end up not only failing at the prevention, but actually making a situation worse. Thus proving to myself that perhaps, being re-active isn’t always a bad stance to take.

Dateline – Thursday, March 30, 2017, 250 miles above Earth, in space.

Two astronauts were outside of the International Space Station (ISS) on spacewalks to install a debris shield. Of course this is a much needed piece of equipment these days as it’s estimated that there are upwards of “21,000 pieces of orbiting trash and debris” floating around in the orbit of Earth.

Unfortunately, astronauts Peggy Whitson and Shane Kimbrough, had to report back to ground control that a bag containing the debris shield floated away. The shield was 1.5m, or about 5ft, long and now makes it one of the 21,001 pieces of orbiting trash and debris floating around in the orbit of Earth.

To be fair, the pair of astronauts did get 3 other debris shields installed before losing the 4th one into the darkness of space.

Good thing, because the ISS is going to need those 3 shields now more than ever.