MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 11 – Yeah, but…

Very well done indeed.

Now this is a field sobriety test that you don’t see every day. A college student in Arkansas offers to display his juggling skills to prove his ability to drive.

Click on the picture to head over to the UPI story to see the video of the guy juggling, and quite well I might add. At first glance, it’s certainly more convincing than walking heel-to-toe along a line for 10 feet.

Well done sir! Very well done indeed.

It does make me wonder though. You know, there are people, many of whom may see this story and think to themselves, that they can do some things better when they are inebriated.

I disagree, but there are instances when some people can do the alphabet backwards gag with no problem after drinking. I can’t do that sober without singing the alphabet song backwards while trying to disguise the tune. Subsequently, I would probably fail. #NoSkill

MMeM, Vol. 9 Issue 54 – BRILLIANT!

Well, as nice as porta-potties can look I guess.

Looking out my office the other day I glanced down to the street next to the convention center. They had been doing some construction lately, but I noticed what looked like a really neat fence having been erected.

Upon further inspection, I noticed that what I thought were fence “pillars” were actually Porta-Potties!






photo (1)

Now, I don’t know who came up with this layout, but talk about killing two birds with one stone! Moreover, it kind of looks “nice”. Well, as nice as Porta-Potties can look I guess.