MMeM, S16E15 – What has this world?

…it was a beautiful day… Took a long walk yesterday as we had the first decent day weatherwise of 2020. Arrived at one of my turnaround points on the SVT

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MMeM, S16E14 – Coffee

…long line of hard -headed ness. A couple of years ago, I quit drinking diet soda. This was a HUGE lifestyle change for me. At the time, I considered myself

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MMeM, S16E13 – What?

…what were these people doing? Read this story back in January. Remember January? Seems like such a simpler time doesn’t it? All the 2020 jokes about perfect vision and the

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MMeM, S16E12 – Kids these days

…back to when we were kids… Recently, I’ve heard about “kids these days”. Maybe it’s old person syndrome or the company I keep, but it’s pretty constant. “All they do

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MMeM, S16E11 – DOH!

…have work waiting for them… The pandemic is highlighting people in all sorts of new roles and isolated instances everyday. As public places close down, they take the idle time

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MMeM, S16E10 – Handsy much?

What was going on before now? The pandemic has brought many things to light. While we separate, we come to together in our loneliness. Hundreds of small business and huge

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MMeM, S16E9 – Masks

Tired of sheltering at home yet? Well, this global pandemic has gone just about as horrible as anyone could imagine. No one has ever experienced anything like this. Tired of

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MMeM, S16E8 – Caucus?

…subjected to a 4 year recurring… Look, here’s the deal, I’m about quarantine talked out for a while. For one thing, this isn’t ending anytime soon so there’ll be more

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MMeM, S16E7 – Oh yeah, that!

…good old Ozone Layer issues. Does anyone even remember the Ozone Layer? Back in the ’80’s the Ozone Layer was a global topic. Boy, what we all wouldn’t do to

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MMeM, S16E6 – Monopolies

My Little Pony owns Snoop Dogg… Look, I don’t know about you but I’m jonesn’ for anything NON-COVID-19 right about now. There’s literally nothing to do but stay in place

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MMeM, S16E5 – Washing hands, again.

create this odd accident ! Yes, we’re all diligently washing our hands for 30 seconds now silently singing Happy Birthday or the alphabet in our heads. We have to, because it’s not like we had 3 months to get ready for this virus by stockpiling

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MMeM, S16E4 – No, there’s not

something really BIG coming from Sprint? Earlier this Winter, pre-COVID-19, err at least pre-COVID-19 North American version, I would walk on the weekends at the local mall. Yes, I was a mall walker. Now, it is closed along with everything else. Anyway, I noticed that

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