MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 46 – Powerball was NOT 8

…relieved to HAVE NOT WON the LOTTERY!

Look, I don’t usually play lotteries as a rule. Every now and then, I’ll get sucked into the madness like everyone else. Take the MegaMillions and Powerball jackpots that are currently running at $393 and $356 million respectively. Just like the time last year when one of them got north of ONE BILLION I dropped a couple of dollars on a ticket or two.

I look at lottery like this, IF I am to buy tickets, don’t stand behind me because I am due. However with all of the reasons making that way of thinking legit to me, comes much of the anxiety that led me to the very reason for that belief.

To wit, the night of the last Powerball drawing that caused another rollover I had a MAJOR mental malfunction. I had both of my recent single MegaMillions and Powerball tickets in the visor of my truck. I was driving with the windows down trying to save money by not using the A/C and sucking down more gas. All of a sudden, a ticket whips past my face from out of the visor and out the window!

I quickly check the remaining ticket hoping it was the MegaMillions which had rolled over the day before. NO! It was the Powerball ticket! To make matters worse, all I could remember about this quick-pick ticket was that the Powerball was 8. I don’t consider myself to have a “lucky” number, rather 8 is my “favorite” number. What are the chances? What do I do? The drawing is at 10pm CDT tonight!

I didn’t turn around and look for the ticket in the road or roadside, but I debated doing so for about 15 miles. Rather, I worried with a sick feeling thinking about what to do if

  1.  the Powerball was an 8 tonight
  2.  the winning ticket was sold in IL

It was a long, sickening, hard, and harrowing night. Never, have I been so relieved to HAVE NOT WON the multi-state $300+ million lottery!

This is my world. My reality. My life.