MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 39 – Watch out!

I’m sorry, it’s true .

Phones. The truth is we’re addicted to our cell phones. Honestly, it’s not entirely all our fault as USERS. Take the latest greatest technology, use the power of well-funded marketing to get them into USERS’ hands, and let loose the rabid programming dogs to pull everyone into wormholes of paid advertising nestled within entertainment and games. What else would anyone expect to happen?

In real life, I like the saying of “coincidence is when God happens.” In the Internet/Smartphone/Tech World, I say coincidence is when algorithms happen. It’s not an accident. You’re not that cute, smart, witty, or lucky. Trust me. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Look, all joking aside it’s a problem. Take driving for instance, it only takes a few seconds of inattentive driving and BAM it can alter, change, or end lives.

I saw this week that the Honolulu city council voted to make it illegal for pedestrians, PEDESTRIANS, to use cellphones while crossing the street! Yes, we all know it’s come to this. The city council will dole out fees “between $15 and $99, with the amount rising to a maximum of $500 for multiple offenses. The legislation (bans) the use of cellphones, tablets, handheld video games, digital cameras, pagers and laptops (LAPTOPS?!?!) while walking in a public right-of-way.”

Bravo Honolulu, HI city council! Too bad that you don’t have anything around Hawaii to keep people’s attention other than their DumbPhones.

We all know people who are actually addicted to their DumbPhones. I can honestly say that thankfully, I am not one of those people. I know, I know, something tells me IF anyone is reading this they don’t believe me, but it’s the truth. My piece of advice to those who are, would be to think of leaving your phone aside for hours at a time as a reward for yourself in the future. Think of it as an exercise in delayed gratification. It will give you a little something to look forward to as you schlep through your mundane daily tasks.

That’s how I look at it anyway. Just think of what the algorithms will have cooked up for you the next time to pick up your phone! Yippee!