MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 37 – Click, UWNT2

You won’t even believe this!


ake News. Most of us view this as coming from some nefarious source that isn’t worthy or real. But in fact, I contend that the very reputable news organizations reporting on said “Fake News” are perhaps the biggest part of the problem.

You see it all the time and probably don’t really recognize it as “Fake News”, but rather ridiculous advertising cleverly placed within the sites of very respected news websites. That is, assuming that you can even tell the two apart.

Often times, one can’t decipher where the news stops and the ads begin. That’s not an accident. The news organizations welcome this eye candy. They feel it doesn’t make their sites look “too busy” or “loud” with distracting and cheap appearing advertising from the very revenue streams they court to support their online existence.

THIS, is in essence, FAKE NEWS. If everyone with a stupidphone, a Twitter account, yeah, you know who I’m talking about, or a news site would take a step back and think about things for a minute, they would realize that “FAKE NEWS” is right under their noses. They are all supporting and nurturing this nonsense!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been copying some of the “Clickbait” headlines of these ADS buried within our OLD reputable news sites. It’s some juicy sounding stuff that anyone would be tempted to click-on, but DON’T do it! NO news is going to whisk you away through several trap doors and rabbit holes that end up compelling you to whip out a credit card in the end for something that, “by golly”, you just can’t live without all of a sudden!

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In summation, if you fall for these ads disguised as news, or better defined as FAKE NEWS, then you are supporting said fake news, just like the well-respected and award-winning news organizations on whose sites this crap sits.