MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 37 – Click, UWNT2

You won’t even believe this!


ake News. Most of us view this as coming from some nefarious source that isn’t worthy or real. But in fact, I contend that the very reputable news organizations reporting on said “Fake News” are perhaps the biggest part of the problem.

You see it all the time and probably don’t really recognize it as “Fake News”, but rather ridiculous advertising cleverly placed within the sites of very respected news websites. That is, assuming that you can even tell the two apart.

Often times, one can’t decipher where the news stops and the ads begin. That’s not an accident. The news organizations welcome this eye candy. They feel it doesn’t make their sites look “too busy” or “loud” with distracting and cheap appearing advertising from the very revenue streams they court to support their online existence.

THIS, is in essence, FAKE NEWS. If everyone with a stupidphone, a Twitter account, yeah, you know who I’m talking about, or a news site would take a step back and think about things for a minute, they would realize that “FAKE NEWS” is right under their noses. They are all supporting and nurturing this nonsense!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been copying some of the “Clickbait” headlines of these ADS buried within our OLD reputable news sites. It’s some juicy sounding stuff that anyone would be tempted to click-on, but DON’T do it! NO news is going to whisk you away through several trap doors and rabbit holes that end up compelling you to whip out a credit card in the end for something that, “by golly”, you just can’t live without all of a sudden!

What WWE Star Trish Stratus Looks Like Is Nuts

Hurley is Skinny and Looks Like Channing Tatum

Fake foods: you’ll guess what you’re really eating

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No It’s Not Photoshop, Look Closer. Perfect Timing

This Amazing Device Should Be Banned

Troubled News Anchor Does The Unthinkable On Air

Green Drink Turning Seniors Into “Young Bucks”

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15 Hot Weather Girls Who Love To Show Off Their…

M*A*S*H Actress Gave The Crew More Than Expected

Photos Captured At Walmart

Guy Fieri’s Ex Wife, Um, Just Take A Look

What Owen Wilson Did In The Army Is Unspeakable

These photos of Emma Watson’s doppelgänger will blow your mind

‘Batman’ star Adam West had sex with eight women a night

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Kindergarten Employee Reveals How the Kids Have Changed Since Seeing Wonder Woman

Wardrobe whoopsies: On purpose, or an accident?

‘I Right Swiped All The Guys I Would Normally Left Swipe-Here’s What Happened’

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Everyone Was Confused When Kim Kardashian Wore This

The News Team Weren’t Prepared For That To Happen

Imagine You Flip To The News Channel And See That

In summation, if you fall for these ads disguised as news, or better defined as FAKE NEWS, then you are supporting said fake news, just like the well-respected and award-winning news organizations on whose sites this crap sits.

MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 36 – 2017 Change Part 2 of ?

…changing things up a bit.

The decade of the 2010’s has brought a great deal of change and I’m not referring to more state quarters. While I mention the decade, what do we call this decade? The “Tens?” The “Teens?” I don’t know anyone from the 1910’s to ask what they did then so I’m not sure what the protocol was. But anyway, I digress.

This nameless decade has been a doozy for changing things up a bit. It’s been a real humdinger, a real bally hoo as one may have said back in the previous “xx10’s” decade.

Here’s a list that I’ve been jotting down the past few years, to denote some of this “change”.

  • Mt. McKinley, once so named to honor the assassinated 25th President of the U.S. William McKinley Jr. is now called Denali as the area was previously known by indigenous people in Alaska.
  • SeaWorld no longer has Killer Whales, err Orcas.
  • Bruce Jenner, 1976 US Olympic Gold Medalist in the Decathlon, is now Caitlyn Jenner.
  • Columbus Day is being renamed to Indigenous People’s Day.
  • Q-Tips have no safe use involving ears.
  • Hooded pullover sweatshirts once called “Hoodies” have been all but banned.
  • Clowns have become murderers and legitimately frightening Halloween costumes.
  • Ski Masks are only allowed during bank robberies.
  • Mini plastic baggies have been banned.
  • Crayola, for the first time in its 100-year history, retired a color from its 24-count box. They retired dandelion. Erasing it from the color bank. Sending it into the crayon black hole.
  • Monopoly’s Thimble & Iron are GONE!
  • Ketchup & Mustard makers are making each other’s products.
  • After 146 years Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus ends .
  • Cable companies want to be phone companies and phone companies what to be cable companies.
  • Some women want to be men and some men want to be women.
  • The USPS has begun to deliver on Sundays when needed due to the influx of Amazon packages and deliveries that need to be made.
  • You have to present ID showing you are over 21 to purchase O’Doul’s.
  • You have to show ID to purchase spray paint
  • The phrases clockwise and counterclockwise will one day very soon lose all meaning to current and future young persons.

…to be continued

MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 35 – 2017 Change Part 1 of ?

Enter, the pay phone graveyard.

Change. It’s usually thought of as disruptive and unsettling. Then again, change takes place constantly and at such a rapid pace today that you almost don’t notice it. I used to think that I hated change, but technology and innovation have helped to slowly change (pun intended) my mind.

Taking a look back at how things were always done before can be valuable perspective on ways to do things better in the future. Learning from history and past  failures so as to not repeat them again is one of the adages we often hear, and more often ignore.

At any rate, when one looks around there are reminders of the not so distant past everywhere. Moreover, there are absences of what used to be all too common everyday conveniences of the day. Take pay phones. We know where they’ve gone figuratively, but where do the actual phones go when they die? Nobody needs pay phones today. Need to make a nefarious somewhat anonymous phone call now? No pay phone? No problem. Get a burner phone, use it, toss it.

Enter the pay phone graveyard.

Ah, the public pay phone. Who could ever forget all of the convenience, the increase in cost, the switch from coins to swiping cards, the GERMS? Back when you used actual currency with a pay phone, didn’t you always check the coin return at the end of a call to see if you got change for some reason? Then, there was the urban legend that someone was putting HIV laced needles in coin returns of pay phones. That legend almost rivaled razor blades in candy bars at Halloween.

Yes, the pay phone will always hold a special place in our hearts as can be seen in the museums above.

MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 34 – If U can’t have. U want.

At first glance one is SHOCKED!

Maybe, just maybe, the way society deals with laws and regulations is backwards. I know it sounds crazy at first, when someone proposes something completely against the grain or out of the ordinary. But when nothing else works or after years of failure, maybe a new way will succeed?

What’s that saying, how’s it go? “We’ve always done it this way.” Yeah, I don’t know about any of you, but that phrase is cancer to business and progress, in my humble opinion.

This way of thinking struck me when I saw this story a while back about the slaughter of rhinos all over the world for their horns. You’ve heard about this idiocy. It’s disgusting and ignorance on the grandest of scales. In Asia it’s believed by some that rhino horn can be used “(with no medical backing) ― to cure everything from cancer to impotence.” For years, zoos and wildlife refuges have been forced so chainsaw off horns of rhinos in order to keep poachers from killing them for their horns.

Then NEWSFLASH, South Africa is planning to push legislation to legalize the rhino horn trade. BOOM! At first glance, one is SHOCKED! But, give it a couple of minutes, let it sink in, and you begin to realize that making it legal will cause the illegal demand driving the killing to cease. As the story reports, breeders have stockpiles of rhino horns. They will be able to flood the market. Of course, at first they may make a pretty penny too, but that will dwindle away  as well.

The debate goes back and forth, “Who’s right?” or “Who’s wrong?” One thing is for sure, had the sale of rhino horn never been illegal it would never have become more valuable than gold or cocaine. At any rate, it’s certainly worth a try.

It’s like Mark Twain once said, “The more things are forbidden, the more popular they become.”

MMeM, Vol.13 Issue 33 – The CLAW

How, was it never my little brother?

Now I know, everyone has gone through spells where they can’t pass up wasting coins on “THE CLAW” machine. You know, you’re probably at a restaurant waiting for a table or you’re shopping with your mom for school clothes, for college, whatever. Anyway, these rip-off robots are too enticing. Oh, and put one in a bar? Forgetta-bout-it!

If you’re anything like me, my friends, or siblings you’ve even gone so far as to judge and grade machines on the level of compacted-ness of the pieces of crap in them. How well did the vendor pack the “plush” stuffed toys down into the cube thus making them nearly impossible to pull up with the equally worthless piece of crap “claw-crane”? Sometimes you’ll spot a few outliers that other suckers came close to retrieving but failed, in so doing leaving them in prime pick-up positions.

Then again, even supposed grown-ups such as ourselves would gaze into these third-rate torture devices and dream about having our way with the little plexiglass fortress. No? Well, we weren’t the only ones. Seems this poor little 3 year old boy, Jamie, found himself in this crane toy machine and his 5 year old brother, Shane, was there to witness it. My thanks to the father for posting the pics and video for me to live out my little childhood dream.

The surprising thing to me about this story is, “How, was it never my little brother?”