MMeM, S16E8 – Caucus?

…subjected to a 4 year recurring… Look, here’s the deal, I’m about quarantine talked out for a while. For one thing, this isn’t ending anytime soon so there’ll be more

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MMeM, S16E7 – Oh yeah, that!

…good old Ozone Layer issues. Does anyone even remember the Ozone Layer? Back in the ’80’s the Ozone Layer was a global topic. Boy, what we all wouldn’t do to

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MMeM, S16E6 – Monopolies

My Little Pony owns Snoop Dogg… Look, I don’t know about you but I’m jonesn’ for anything NON-COVID-19 right about now. There’s literally nothing to do but stay in place

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MMeM, S16E5 – Washing hands, again.

create this odd accident ! Yes, we’re all diligently washing our hands for 30 seconds now silently singing Happy Birthday or the alphabet in our heads. We have to, because

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MMeM, S16E4 – No, there’s not

something really BIG coming from Sprint? Earlier this Winter, pre-COVID-19, err at least pre-COVID-19 North American version, I would walk on the weekends at the local mall. Yes, I was

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MMeM, S16E3 – WYA

…it’s more like WYA ! If there is one thing this current “Shelter In Place” order for the State of Illinois has highlighted, it’s everyone’s fear of running out of

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MMeM, S16E2 – Come on!

Good night and stay HOME! Well, here we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. We knew this was coming since December 2019. Yet, we seem to be woefully

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MMeM, S16E1 – Big Little Entrepreneurs

…you have to admire their thinking… So as everyone knows, Illinois made recreational marijuana legal starting on January 1, 2020. On that day, there were videos showing lines of people

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MMeM, S15E35 – Let me go!!!

…noticed in my SPAM folder Emails. I know it’s an old person vehicle these days. However, I had always looked at getting email like this, I never cared about getting

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MMeM, S15E34 – Flushed X 2

…I felt the need to… Unintended consequences, they happen in life. I’ve glanced at toilets from time to time in public and noticed that some have a green or blue

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MMeM, S15E33 – Oh My!

fixtures frames and RACKS oh my! So now that it’s December, I’ve moved my weekend walking into the mall. Yes, I’ve become that “old”. I am officially, I a mall walker. Yes the mall here still exists, barely. Sure, there are some vacant stores that

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MMeM, S15E32 – The Joneses

Hey, whatever gets you around… O ver the past few months, as I walk the dog around the neighborhood I’ve noticed an odd vehicle situation in front of one of the nicer homes in the area. First, I should note that this house is very

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